Admission initiative  

   The company promotes the 日产中文字幕在线观看 of caring for others and loving each other. The foundation of the mingmingda love foundation is an important manifestation of this cultural spirit. Every comin should be the propagator and successor of this culture. It is precisely because of the love foundation that our body is radiating love and warmth of love, which is the spiritual sign of every one of our people. It is the moral height of each of our people.

   Here, the foundation of mingmingda called on all of them to join our colleagues. Two Yuan Yuan can not buy a breakfast or a pack of cigarettes, but it can show your friendly care and sincere blessing to your colleagues and tell the world with your actions. " I am a member of the love fund foundation. I am the comin! "

                                                                                 Foundation for love

Two O 14 August 26th