Core concept


          Corporate vision: Become China's top 100 private enterprises

Enterprise mission Achievement employees   Shareholder feedback   Serve the society

Enterprise spirit Unity of knowledge and action, solid innovation

Core values of enterprises: Work together with one heart and one mind Create common prosperity and share


Become China's top 100 private enterprises   

First, the vision of the comin people. Become China's top 100 private enterprises    

[interpretation] Com Mingda has worked hard all along, and has accumulated a certain strength foundation in the local area after years of accumulation of wisdom and wind and rain. However, compared with China's top 100 private enterprises, we still have a big gap. We firmly believe that under the continuous efforts of all comin people, the goal of becoming China's comprehensive private top 100 enterprises will be achieved. Work together to create a sense of well-being for employees, staff love, industry respect, customer trust. Excellent China's private enterprises.


Achievement staff feedback shareholder response service   

Two. Mission of comin Achievement employees   Shareholder feedback   Serve the society


Staff achievement: Provide learning opportunities for employees and build a stage for growth. Provide broad room for development. Seeking two aspects of material and spiritual well-being of employees, employees strive to create value for enterprises, and achieve common development between employees and enterprises. Respecting talents, creating a harmonious and passionate working environment for talented people, and developing the space for the development of talents are the internal driving force for the continuous development of the company. It is also the quintessence of the management concept of the company.

       Shareholder feedback: Efforts should be made to create and maintain excellent business performance, to be accountable to shareholders and create maximum return on investment.

      Serving the society: As an enterprise citizen, Com Mingda Adhere to the unity of economic responsibility and social responsibility, and strive to form a virtuous circle relationship between enterprises and social environment. While providing satisfactory products and quality services to the market, we should support public welfare undertakings, promote local comprehensive benefits, build a harmonious society, and display a responsible, honest and harmonious corporate image, and strive to maximize the value of enterprises.

" Employees, shareholders and society " It is the starting point and destination of the development of the group. It is the responsibility of the staff to shareholders, the shareholders and the society. Make joint efforts to realize the top 100 private enterprises with rich employees, strong enterprises and great social contributions.     


    Work together and create common prosperity with one heart and one mind Enjoy

Three. section Mingda's core values: Work together with one heart and one mind Create common prosperity and share


With one heart and one mind: All staff members are concentrates on the overall situation of the group. They share the same ideas and goals and work together with one heart and one mind. On the basis of the conunda system, a common development aspiration, strong unity, consistent thinking, consistent goals and consistent actions have the same values and common code of conduct.

      Create common prosperity and share: With a high sense of professionalism and sense of responsibility, we should take the responsibility of enterprise development and jointly create and thrive the great cause of enterprise development. While promoting the development of the group, we will share the material harvest, share the happiness of spirit, and create a harmonious and happy life together.

   " Work together with one heart and create common prosperity. " It is the source and foundation of the group's integrated development. It is the basic guiding principle and value standard of every group's operation and every words and deeds of the people. Only by concentricity can we do the same thing and act in concert. Only by CO creating, we can share the honor and disgrace and share it. Together, we will create new brilliance.

Unity of knowledge and action, solid innovation

Four.   Comming people spirit Unity of knowledge and action, solid innovation  

Ideological cognition and behavior standards are in harmony and unity. We should do things well and keep pace with reform and innovation. Finally, we will take measures to reduce costs, improve efficiency, enhance overall strength and enhance competitiveness.

Enterprises should study new trends and new ideas according to the change of competitive environment and the development trend of the industry. Employees should develop new methods in their posts, and must be down-to-earth and practical. What we are pursuing is unity of strength and strength. Every employee starts with the dots around him, synchronizes the "solid innovation" from the consciousness and action to the new realm of "unity of knowledge and action".


Management concept  

   Ten year target slogan: Zero start, start business again, brilliant again, ten years, "1378".

   Five hearts of the comin people: Gratitude, dedication, inclusiveness, initiative and sunshine

   Business philosophy: Maximize the efficiency of resources optimization

   Talent concept: Both ability and integrity, morality first.     Dedication is the foundation, team first.

   Learning philosophy: Knowledge has no limit   Good learning and good use   Common growth

   Safety concept: Safety first   Details first

   The concept of Honesty: Germany and France are good at hard work.   Clean and clean

   Team concept: Ambition is the same as heart.

   Responsibility concept: Accountability, accountability and responsibility.

   Gratitude concept: know Kindness in heart and kindness in deeds